Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sad day for Worcester

Royal Worcester ceased production in Worcester, my home town, this week, after more than 250 years. Production has been outsourced to Stoke and abroad. Only painting of porcelain will continue at the site. See BBC article.

It used to be one of the city's biggest employers and one of the things Worcester was famous for, alongside cricket, Edward Elgar, the cathedral and Lea & Perrins sauce. The factory site is due to be redeveloped into homes and shops. I fear this will be yet another clone town development, but I hope I'm wrong and some of the historic buildings will be preserved. Worcester bulldozed some of its Tudor buildings in the 60s to build a concrete hotel and multi-storey car park; I hope planners will be more sensitive towards its heritage this time. My dad spent most of his working life at neighbouring Diglis Basin, which is also being redeveloped at the moment. It certainly needs redeveloping, but I hope the pressure to squeeze as many homes as possible into the area doesn't completely destroy the place.

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Shasha Khan said...

Purely on the basis of your post, it appears that Worcester is trying to steal Croydon's position in the 'chav' league table. You've got a fight on your hands! ;-)