Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm on the planning committee, get me out of here!

Probably the most difficult week as a councillor so far. Lots of residents in Slagrove Place and Dressington Avenue are angry about the plans to demolish the sports hall at Ladywell Day Centre and relocate the travellers' site there. As a member of planning committee A, I can't express opinions on planning applications before the meeting - I have to go there with an open mind. As Mike is also on a planning committee, Ute therefore does all the liaising with residents on planning issues. Most residents understand this, but others think you are just sitting on the fence!

Anyway, all three of us went to a residents' meeting on the issue last Wednesday, which was attended by about 50 residents. Mike and I listened to residents' concerns and could answer some factual questions, but some of the issues raised really needed to be answered by the officers involved in the project, or the cabinet member responsible. Ute is attending a further meeting with the residents' steering committee and the project officers tomorrow evening. Any further questions/queries re the application should be addressed to Ute.

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