Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ladywell Station gets Secure Station Status

Ladywell Station has been given an award for safety improvements. There certainly have been some improvement with the station, and graffiti, in particular, is being cleaned off quickly. It's also noticeably cleaner than other stations in the area (Crofton Park springs to mind as one that is always strewn with litter), although I would like to see the clear plastic bin bags being used again - can't believe they would be that much of a security risk. I know that local residents and Ladywell Society have in the past called for a community noticeboard at the station and I have recently contacted South-Eastern trains to see if this is possible. In the meantime, the station manager let me tape a poster advertising our Ladywell Forum to the wall of the waiting room.

There are regular transport liaison committee meetings between the council and the transport companies, so if you have any train/bus issues you would like me to raise, please do let me know.

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