Friday, September 29, 2006

Lewisham Pride Awards

Went to Catford Broadway Theatre tonight for the Lewisham Pride Awards, which is when council staff who have made an outstanding contribution or shown extra dedication are recognised for their work. A great event which reminded me how many hard-working council staff there are, even if as councillors you often only get to hear when things have gone wrong.

Particularly pleased to see Julie Ball from the graffiti team and the Environment and Community Development team get awards. Julie's team are largely responsible for the improved state of shop shutters on Ladywell Road - her team goes out at 6am in the morning to clean up shutters before shops open. Some of the ones along Ladywell Road have now been coated with a special anti-graffiti coating which means they can be easily wiped-clean by shopkeepers if they get tagged again. If there's a shop which still has graffiti on its shutter, it's generally because they haven't filled in the consent form which is necessary for it to be removed. I'm always happy to provide more forms if required, just let me know.

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