Saturday, June 05, 2010

Easing back into things

OK, we've had a few weeks to lick our wounds, sulk, be a bit indignant and ponder what to do next, including with this blog. Of course we've also had a few weeks of going to the pub, cinema etc instead of having evening council meetings, which has been fun! We are keen to avoid turning this into a sad ex-cllrs' blog, simply sniping at the new cllrs from the sidelines, but we didn't want to stop writing about things we are passionate about either. We had over 20,000 hits on this blog last year, and clearly did have a reasonable-sized local readership, in addition to the Chinese/Korean spammers.

So, the aim is to keep the blog going, mostly about local stuff, but also occasionally to scrutinise what's happening at a borough level. We may also open it up to a few other local Greens to post here too. Do get in touch if you have an event coming up or issue that you want us to mention here. And if it does start turning into nothing more than bitter rants or pictures of our latest gardening or culinary exploits, we trust you will let us know!

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Philip Booth said...

Welcome back - missed you!