Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ladywell Ward Assembly, Tuesday 8th June

Update from ward assembly team and reminder about the Ladywell ward assembly this coming Tuesday.

Ladywell Local Assembly, Tuesday , 8 June 2010, 7 – 9 pm
Prendergast School Science Block, Adelaide Avenue SE4 1JL

What is happening on 8 June?
  • Streetscape Project feedback
  • Prendergast School Redevelopment
  • Elections to CG Group
  • Priority Feedback
  • Results of CG Elections
  • Community Updates
Elections to the Coordinating Group
The Ladywell Coordinating Group has been in place since the first Assembly and is due to be refreshed.

Being a coordinator is open to any assembly member. No past experience is required except for the expertise you bring as a community member. Being a volunteer on the coordinating group might involve helping to plan assembly meetings, helping design leaflets and flyers, suggesting how the assembly can reach out to all parts of the ward amongst different communities and contributing to the success of the Assembly Meetings.

Nominations and voting will take place at the Assembly on the 8 June so if you fancy becoming a member of the Coordinating Group come along and put yourself forward.

Project spotlight: Streetscape and Transport
As part of the Mayors fund £10,000 was approved for the commission of an urban designer to produce a design action plan for improving the streetscape for Ladywell neighbourhood shopping centre.

The project aims to achieve an action plan for improving the streetscape of Ladywell neighbourhood shopping centre which would be credible, achievable and have the backing of the local community as well as key stakeholders involved in the area.

The consultant involved in the project will be giving a presentation at the Assembly on the progress made so far and what happens next.


Anonymous said...
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Ute Michel said...

Fancy commenting on your own blog - however it is not a comment on Sue's wording but a correction of the content of the official invite to the assembly, which she quoted, which reads, "The Ladywell Coordinating Group has been in place since the first Assembly and is due to be refreshed."

So far elections to the assembly co-ordinating groups across Lewisham have taken place on an annual basis - the current members of the Ladywell Co-ordinating Group are at the end of their one year term and elections are going to take place on Tuesday (as stated in the agenda). Some but not all of them were already members of the previous co-ordinating group the year before when the assembly was launched.

I am prepared to think that the use of the term "to be refreshed" in this context is an innocent mistake or happened/wasn't picked up because of time pressure. But whatever happened, the wording suggests that there is something wrong with the current group. As former chair of the Assembly and the Co-ordinating Group I can testify for the commitment and constructive input of the members of the group, who gave their time and energy to support the assembly and achieve improvements for local residents and the area.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the Assembly on Tuesday as my mother is seriously ill in intensive care, but I would expect a public apology to the members of the coordinating group at the Assembly. A small thing to do considering that the invites are usually cleared by three people before going to print and that they were delivered to every household in the ward.