Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thames Water contractors go AWOL with job half-done on Ladywell Road

This was the scene on Ladywell Road today, thanks to Thames Water contractors, who on Sunday dug up the road (presumably to fix a leak), did a temporary fix of the pavement, blocked off the pedestrian crossing and, as far as I can tell, haven't been back since.

Meanwhile, pedestrians, including many school pupils from Gordonbrock and the two Prendergast schools are being forced to jump over railings or make a long detour to cross the road, which is surely an accident waiting to happen.

I have called Lewisham's Highways team to raise my concerns and asked them to chase Thames Water, and also logged a call directly with Thames Water, in the hope this will get fixed asap. I am also curious to see whether this complies with the recently-launched street works permits scheme.

I'll be pushing to make sure the pavement is made right as soon as possible, rather than left with yet another patchwork of tarmac for months on end. Of course, if highways had carried out the works we were promised back in the Spring, to remove some of the railings, things wouldn't be quite as bad as they are today!

It is infuriating when local residents go to such effort to spruce up the street, only for utilities companies come along and trash it again!

UPDATE, 4.30pm: Just got a call from Thames Water to say their contractors are en route to clear the site and reopen the crossing, so hopefully that will be sorted today. They will still need to come back to do a proper reinstatement of the paving at a later date.

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