Saturday, November 14, 2009

New notice board for cemeteries group

The new notice board for the FOBLC (Friends of Brockley & Ladywell Cemeteries) is now up at the Ladywell Road end of the cemeteries, and looking very smart. This is one of the items funded by last year's localities fund. Ute has just posted details of bids for this year's fund, and how you can have your say. (I'm cheating and pre-dating this post by an hour or so, in order for the poll post to stay at the top for a while!).

On the downside, this smart new notice board makes the various council ones at the Ladywell end of the cemetery look a bit tatty now. Given that the Council also now needs to advertise the changes the new dog control orders (which come into force this Monday) mean for the cemeteries (dogs allowed on leads), and there is probably a case for a bit of rationalisation of the various council signs into one, with opening times, dog restrictions, contact details, etc all on one good quality sign.

On a slight tangent, one of the various notices currently at the entrance to the cemeteries says 'no cycling'. What do readers think about this? Personally, I think that we should open up the entrance on Brockley Road (by Brockley Primary School) and encourage considerate cyclists to use the cemeteries. We could potentially draw in some funding to resurface one of the footpaths if it was also a designated cycle path. It could provide a useful alternative to get from Ladywell to Brockley avoiding the main roads and in my opinion, as long as cyclists are considerate of other cemetery users, the more people we have using the cemeteries, the better, as it will help improve security there.

I always think it's a bit unfair that cars are allowed into the cemetery but that cyclists have to dismount. I can understand the need for those with mobility problems or carrying tools to tend graves to park near their graves, but don't see why those on bikes shouldn't be able to do the same. What do others think?


Geoffrey said...

FoBLC is in favour of the opening of the gate opposite Brockley Primary School on Brockley Road, and has asked Bereavement Services to implement this.
Once the paths in the Cemeteries become "cycle paths" and regarded as a short cut, I don't think (speaking personally) the word "considerate" is in the comprehension of some cyclists. There is a designated cycle route (no 21) through the northern part of Ladywell Fields, which follows the river, but cyclists, by and large, use the more direct route parallel to the railway, passing the two children's playgrounds and the cafe, often at speed and without warning other users of their approach. No doubt some cyclists would regard the winding paths of the Cemeteries as a challenge for speed riding, much to the detriment of other users, including children.
Perhaps this could be debated at the next meeting of FoBLC which is this Tuesday (17th November 7.30pm at the Brockley Grove depot)

M said...

Yes, I think opening up the entrance and not making a fuss if someone cycles through is a better option. I've come across inconsiderate and fast driver in cemetery with little regard for small children or others. Beware of designated cycle paths as they come with excessive amounts of white paint.

I haven't ever worried about cyclists in Ladywell Fields. Must be lucky the speedy ones haven't tried mowing us down on our frequent visits. Phew.

I hate that cyclists dismount idea, it just isn't conducive to cycling. I've never been told to get out of my car and push.

Anonymous said...

Thanks both for your comments - good points. Geoffrey - not sure yet whether I can make FOBLC tomorrow evening - depends on whether Overview & Scrutiny Business Panel meets or not.