Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ward - 25 years service award

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ward, who today received her Long Service Award for 25 years working for the Council. For the past 13 years, Elizabeth has worked at Ladywell Day Centre in Dressington Avenue, and before that she worked at other day centres and care homes in the borough.

She is popular with both staff and centre users and known for the energy and enthusiasm she puts into her work.

Elizabeth lives locally and is also an active member of our ward assembly steering group and Foxborough Garden's TRA (tenants and residents association). She is persistent in flagging up repairs and issues on her estate and prodding the necessary people (often us!) until action is taken.

It was a real pleasure to be invited along to the day centre today to see Elizabeth get her award. And no, she didn't pass up the opportunity to give me a bit of casework!

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