Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dean's blog is back!

Brockley ward councillor Dean Walton has revived his blog. He recently bought a Blackberry and along with irritating the heck out of his fellow Green councillors by 'pinging' us incessantly (fortunately that didn't last long), he's found a more useful function in that he can use it to update his blog. Please read and comment to convince him it is worth continuing with; before you know it he will be twittering. He also discovered that I had removed him from my links due to lack of blogging in recent months. Oops, link duly restored.


Jim Jay said...

And it's a welcome return... is this the first time you've sworn on this blog? I hope you're not picking up bad habits


Anonymous said...

Does it count as swearing if it's asterixed?! On reflection, I may change that just in case my Mum reads it ;)

Cllr Dean Walton said...

After being pinged I felt obliged to respond in the format of a haiku!

Dean back online now
Link restored, how cool is that
Must keep up to date