Monday, March 02, 2009

Free insulation or freeze on taxation?

I posted last week about our amendment to this year's Council Budget, which includes a proposal to roll out free insulation to homes across Lewisham. The Lib Dems have set up a Facebook group called 'Let's FREEZE Lewisham's Council Tax' so not to be outdone I've set one up called Lewisham needs a Green New Deal, not more cuts to public services! Even if we don't manage to get our proposals through the budget this year, I think the Facebook group has a longer shelf life than just this budget round and could be a useful group to discuss ways of greening up Lewisham's economy, while also creating jobs and reducing fuel poverty.

Anyway, please do join the group to show your support for our proposals. There is also an article and discussion about the proposals over on Brockley Central.


Brockley Nick said...

I've re-edited my article because I realise I sounded like a curmudgeonly old sod, whereas in fact, I was trying to be supportive of the insulation plan.

Anonymous said...

Your words not mine Nick ;). I'm hoping Ute, who leads on our budget stuff, might respond to some of the comments your blog readers have made more knowledgeably than I could, though so far the debate has got a bit sidetracked over whether Council tax is fair or not, rather than looking at the actual proposals.