Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Council Greener Homes Guide

The Sustainable Resources team within the Council have today published a Greener Homes guide for Lewisham residents. Just had a quick glance, and it looks very good - lots of useful information not just about what you can do, but also details of local schemes and advice numbers to help you. It doesn't mention the London Green Homes Concierge Service that I'm signed up to, but hopefully that will be added in future editions. On that note, I am still getting quotes on double-glazing and considering the options on underfloor insulation - will start getting the work done once the elections are out of the way - any suggestions welcome.


max said...

A former independent Mayoral candidate with white hair and beard does underfloor heating at very reasonable prices.

Anonymous said...

thanks Max. It's insulation rather than undefloor heating that I'm after - does the above mentioned do that too? Funnily enough I was going to e-mail you asking for his e-mail address because I tried to contact him on another matter last week and it bounced.

max said...

I just emailed you his address.