Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brockley Fun Run

Well done to all those who took part in today's Brockley Fun Run, on Hilly Fields. Around 300 people took part, with many more cheering people on. Special congratulations and thanks should go to Erin from Cafe Broca, Des, Jill and everyone else from Brockley Cross Action Group who helped to organise the event. Hopefully it will become an annual institution, along with Brockley Max Festival, Hilly Fields Fayre and Brockley Open Studios. As Dean mentions, it was partly funded by the Brockley localities fund.

Local bloggers were well represented on the race, with Tom first to finish in impressive time, followed (some time later) by Dean and bouncing along shortly afterwards were Jonathon on his powerizers (pictured) and Howard. I tried to take photos, but lots of runners opted for a sprint finish so they are rather blurry!

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The Pirate King said...

I'm so impressed that Jonotron managed to make the entire 5k on those things! Was great to see you, Sue - we stumbled home more or less as soon as we finished. A bath was badly needed!