Sunday, April 27, 2008

Loampit Vale Development

Nicked this from Lewisham Central councillor Andrew Milton's blog: a website has been set up by the developers behind the Loampit Vale development (new leisure centre and housing on the corner of Elmira Street/Loampit Vale. They are asking for your views, prior to the planning application being submitted (which is much better than asking after the planning application has been submitted) and they are also organising a public exhibition in mid-May, details to be confirmed. This development will potentially have a significant impact on parts of Ladywell ward (particularly Ellerdale Road, Marsala Road and I am keen to see what they are proposing in terms of highways and parking, as well as affordable housing provision, the sustainability aspect and of course the pool itself.

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max said...

My naked eye spots that that leisure centre will be heavily used by the residents of the 1600 new flats to be built at Loampit Vale and Gateway, the further who-knows-how-many to be built at Thurston Road plus all the other developments.
Add to this the extra usage from the station and it's quite reasonable to believe that it will be hard to find a slot for a swim for all those that now use Ladywell.

Will you be asking for additional capacity for the leisure centre?