Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ninja Battle on Hilly Fields!

Just received this in an e-mail and thought it was so bizarre that I had to post it:

"I just wanted to remind (or let you know for the first time) about the filmed Ninja Battle which is taking place on Sunday 16th March 11.00am on Hilly Fields in Brockley, it's not too big a park so look out for a gathering of people dressed in black.

Its part of Fiona Brownlie's (The Other Half, Earth to Earth, Breaker) latest Straight8 film and should be a good laugh. If you're keen just turn up dressed in black and the rest will be provided/explained on the day.
Release your inner Ninja!"

So there you go, Ladywell Fields may have power-pramming, but Hilly Fields has its very own er, Ninja Battle.

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