Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Wildlife Club for Children in Ladywell!

Following our planning meeting on Saturday, I'm delighted to confirm that a new wildlife club for children is being set up in Ladywell Fields. It is going to be run by Nick Harvey, one of the waterlink way rangers, with the help of local volunteers, including me.

The club will meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month, from 10am-12pm. The first meeting will be on Saturday 21st April.
Meet outside the old waiting room, Ladywell Fields, at 10am.
It is aimed at 5-12 year olds, though under 5s can come if accompanied by an adult. There will be a small charge of 50p/meeting to contribute towards materials costs.

Plans for the group include wildlife walks, pond-dipping, making collages from natural materials, helping to put up bird and bat boxes, possibly some day trips (eg to Woodlands Farm). The group will generally meet at the old waiting room, but they also hope to do activities in Hilly Fields and Brockley Cemetary.

If you are interesting in helping out, or would like your child to join the group, please contact Nick.


Brockley Nick said...

Sounds great. How can we encourage you to come to Hilly Fields?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick
The idea is that the club will be doing projects based in Ladywell Fields, Hilly Fields and Brockley Cemetary. One of their first projects will be helping to build/decorate/install bird and bat boxes to trees in Hilly Fields, as requested by Hilly Fields Users Group and being paid for from the Ladywell ward localities fund. Depending on how things progress with the Quercus project plans for Ladywell Fields, it might not be possible for the club to meet there some months, while work is in progress, in which case Hilly Fields would be a good alternative. The reason it is based in Ladywell Fields, besides the fact that the waiting room is equipped for school visits, however, is we might be able get some funding for it via the Quercus Project.