Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ladywell Locality Fund

We've now finalised how we are going to spend the Ladywell ward localities Fund following last-minute problems with one of the projects (we had wanted to get some Christmas lights along Loampit Hill, but were told we couldn't because the lamp-posts belonged to TfL and they wanted a safety audit done first etc etc, so had to shelve that idea for now). In total we had £12,500 as last year’s funding for Ladywell was underspent:

  • Planters along Loampit Hill between Algernon Rd and Tyrwhitt Rd (£3,829)
  • Playground equipment for Gordonbrock Primary School (£4,500)
  • Streetscape improvements at bottom of Algernon Rd (to complement features on Ladywell Rd): planters (£957), Christmas lights (£1,350) and Christmas tree 2007 (£500)
  • Brockley Max festival – contribution to closing night on Hilly Fields on 9 June (£500)
  • Pool table for groups at Crofton Park Baptist Church (£739)
  • Bird/bat boxes for Hilly Fields (£125)

These plans are still subject to final approval from the community services directorate, though we don't anticipate any problems. I'm sure we won't please everyone with this, as we had far more suggestions from people than we had money for, but we think we've managed to support quite a good range of projects within the ward. Ute has also raised our concerns about the timing and timeframe of the consultation with a Council question and received re-assurance that these will be taken into account for next year’s Fund.

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