Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Ladywell Website!

I recently bought the domain name and the plan is that it will slowly become a community site for Ladywell. As I say on the site, I'm not planning to use this for political purposes, other than that I would like to be able to put a link from it to this blog. I can then put a link from my councillor page to and hopefully make more local residents who visit the council website aware that their councillor also has a blog (sounds terribly convoluted I know, but I can't link directly from the council website to here as this blog is politically biased).

I haven't done a great deal with the new website yet besides putting a few links, a forum page and a rather nice picture of the old workhouse - but would welcome feedback/advice on what should go on it. If you are a local community group/society or business and would like some info added, just let me know. Equally, if you want to help run/develop the site, let me know.

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Andrew Brown said...

I think the council is overly cautious about this issue of links. We all know you are a Green Party member and councillor; would a link from the council website amount to an endorsement of your politics? No I don't believe it could.

The Royal Borough of Kingston has taken a different view - as you'll see if you visit Mary Reid's page - and simply say that the council doesn't sign up to everything (or anything) that appears on a councillors blog.