Monday, February 19, 2007

London Climate Change Budget

Well done to Greens on the London Assembly for getting significant green initiatives into the budget last week. The Mayor needs the vote of the Green assembly members to get his budget through and pledged millions of pounds towards action on climate change in return for their crucial support. This will be the third year in a row that Ken Livingstone has come to such an agreement.

The projects agreed by the Mayor includes £150m investment in total, during the coming year. These projects build on the success of the Green Group's previous budget initiatives. The £150m includes many projects included in previous budget rounds, which have become a mainstream part of the work done by the Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police and the London Development Agency.

· £8 million to make existing buildings more energy efficient;
· a comprehensive green homes programme;
· an £8 million Transport for London Climate Change Fund to support green technology;
· an extra £40 million for cycle lanes, parking and training over the next three years;
· other projects to improve facilities for pedestrians, create more green space and tackle dangerous driving

Darren Johnson, said:

"The Mayor has taken on board our key demands and the result is a budget that provides a serious framework for tackling climate change in London. Climate change is the big issue for London’s future and I’m happy to play a key role in turning fine words into action."

Full details can be found in letter from the Mayor to Darren and Jenny.

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