Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brockley Max 2007 - musicians/artists/volunteers wanted

Last week I went to a planning meeting for Brockley Max 2007, and it's promising to be bigger and better than ever! Take a look at the website for details of this year's event and see below for ways you can get involved (courtesy of Moira).

The Opening Night is planned for Friday 1st June by KNOWN's mural next to Brockley Station. The Closing Night is planned for the 9 June on a stage on Hilly Fields.

If you have a band that would like to play either the opening or closing night of Brockley Max 2007, you can send a demo / brief blurb to the following address: Brockley Max Stage, c/o Immortals Gate, PO Box 47639, London, SE4 1ZE. Alternatively, if you have a myspace address, you can e-mail the details with a short paragraph about your band to: David. Help is also needed with transport and carrying equipment, stewards, help with rubbish collection at the end of the night. If you know someone else that would be interested in this - please pass the information onto them!

Exhibitions and Open Studios

Lewisham Arthouse are holding an annual Lewisham Arthouse Group Show during the festival., which will tie in with the celebrations around the abolition of Slavery with an exhibition entitled “SUGAR IN MY TEA”. And they have their Open Studios on 9 and 10 June. If you’d like to hold an exhibition please contact the venue, or open your studio (complete an event form and send it in to Moira). Toad’s Mouth Too is having a group show if you just want to submit one picture.

Art In The Park

Afternoon of 9 June on Hilly Fields. The highly successful children’s day is happening again. Events planned include a magic lantern and wishing tree workshops with Emergency Arts. Please contact Elizabetta if you’d like to run a workshop for children, and youth especially, or you would like to be a steward/helper on the day.

Abolition of Slavery Evening ‘Looking Behind’

An evening on Friday 8 June celebrating Saartje Baartman (the 'Hottentot Venus') and the abolition of slavery. If you’d like to take part – poetry, music, dance etc please contact Gill .

Film Night
Declan is organizing another fantastic film night. If not at the Brockley Jack (possibly being refurbished) it might be held at the back of Moonbows in the open air. If you’d like to help or submit a film contact Declan .

Pre Festival event

John at Moonbows suggested a pre festival evening to promote the festival. Possibly to be held in May. Any ideas? Contact John.

CDs and myspace

Volunteer wanted to organise another B Max Trax CD this year. Also need someone to take over the B Max myspace page. Again, contact Moira.


Over the last 3 years the BXAG through its Brockley Commoners group has been reclaiming and transforming old common land around Brockley station. Phase 2 is now in active design with a planning application to be submitted in the next 2-3 months.

As part of phase 2 the group would like to commission a significant piece of art which would occupy a strategic position on the site and indeed in the Brockley Cross area. It will be visible from the main Brockley Road, to passengers passing through the station and using the main public footbridge and also, depending on its height, glimpsed by passengers passing through on trains on both the low and high level lines In order to select an artist to create and install the work a public competition is being launched with a first stage closing date of the 10th April 2007. Artists with local connections are particularly encouraged to participate.

If you would like more information, please email Moira for the full document.

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