Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend in the solar capital of the UK

Just come back from a weekend in the solar capital of the UK, aka Kirklees, where I went for an Association of Green Councillors conference. Good to meet other Green councillors, find out what others have achieved, share ideas, problems etc. The Green group in Kirklees were successful in getting the council to set up a Renewable Energy Fund, which was used to support the installation of solar panels on a number of council homes. They also have introduced a minimum renewable energy requirement in all new homes built, starting at 10% last year and rising by 5% each year to reach 30% in 2011. The building where the conference took place was a college which had a wind turbine, solar panels and brown roof. Apparently, over 5% of all renewable energy produced in the UK right now is made in Kirklees.

Lots of food for thought and stuff to work on over the coming months.

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