Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ladywell Safer Neighbourhood Police Panel, 27th July

Thursday was the second mtg of the Ladywell Safer Neighbourhood Police Panel. The mtg was better attended than the first one, and 2 of the community support officers also came along, which was good. Pauline Morrisson (former Ladywell councillor) was appointed as chair, and after some discussion, the priorities we set the team for the next 2 months were (in no particular order):

To maintain a visible police presence
To tackle graffiti and flytipping
To tackle anti-social behaviour by young people
To tackle the illegal use of mini-scooters

Tackling speeding and drivers using mobiles was removed as a priority for the team as Sgt Deuchar felt it was difficult for them to deliver on, given that the PCSOs can't arrest or even stop drivers. However, he did agree to try and get the traffic division to do several sessions a month within the ward to tackle these problems.

The team has undergone some staffing changes as PC Steve Snipp and PCSO Cherif Bensidhoum have both moved on, and the full team now comprises Sgt David Deuchar, the PC is called Brian and the PCSOs are Abdul, Ben and Graham (not sure of everyone's surname). The PCSOs are all doing lots of overtime this month to maintain a high visibilty presence during the school summer holidays.

The panel was still somewhat under-represented by younger people and also people from the Arabin/Braxfield/Comerford Rd and Tressillian/Breakspears, Chalsey Rd areas, so if you are from these areas (or elsewhere in the ward) and would like to join the panel, e-mail the team on

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