Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Consultations: CPZ and traffic calming

Residents in the southern part of Ladywell between Chudleigh Rd and Ivy Rd (Phoebeth through to Abbotswell, Brockley Grove and part of Ladywell Rd) should have received through their doors a consultation document on traffic calming in the area. This is your chance to have your say! Questionnaires should be returned by July 14th. If you haven't received a consultation document, click here or call Keith Gordon on 020 8314 2591/ Tom Henry on 020 8314 2562.

Meanwhile, residents in the area of the proposed extension to the Lewisham CPZ (Bertrand, Branscombe, part of Algernon, Claybank Grove, Loampit Hill and Elswick Rd still have a few days to respond to the consultation document on the planned CPZ. For more info visit Lewisham parking

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