Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vote Green, go Green!

Had a quick look on the Conservative Party website today to see exactly what their policies on climate change and other environmental issues are, in the light of their vote blue go green media launch today - couldn't find any policy. I know they are in some kind of consultation period, but no policy whatsoever? Did I miss it or is there really nothing on the website that outlines what they stand for, what concretely they will do if elected? There was a document detailing some achievements on Conservative-run councils, but nothing about what they believe needs to be done to tackle climate change etc. There was however something about the London Conservatives still wanting to abolish the congestion charge - quite how that will help reduce our emissions and the number of people dying prematurely from pollution-related illnesses in London I don't know.

I welcome the fact that the Tories are focussing on the environment in their local election campaign, but where's the substance? No wonder voter turnout is so low when the three main parties feed us so much spin.

If you want Green, vote Green. Accept no imitations.

Oh, BTW, for Green Party policy, see http://policy.greenparty.org.uk/ and for more London specific stuff: http://london.greenparty.org.uk/news/ and Lewisham www.lewisham.greenparty.org.uk.

Our 10-point plan for London:
  1. Put a stop to the closure of our police stations and hospital wards.
  2. Have libraries and post offices within walking distance for all.
  3. Scrap new road building and switch funds to public transport, cycling and pavement repair.
  4. Stop the back-door privatisation of our schools, promote safe routes, and put healthy food on our children's plates.
  5. Promote local youth clubs and community spaces both in their own right and to reverse some of the causes of anti-social behaviour and crime.
  6. Protect our local heritage, green space and wildlife from unsustainable development.
  7. Enforce energy efficiency for new buildings and invest in 250,000 solar roofs for London.
  8. Promote fair trade goods in local shops, and quality, wholesome produce in farmers' markets.
  9. Run social services and housing to ensure equal access for those in most need.
  10. Return local democracy to the streets by fostering genuine participation in decisions that affect our everyday lives.

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