Monday, April 03, 2006

Recycled paper/Children's play area

Got a bit annoyed in WHSmiths today - I needed a new printer toner, printer paper and a pencil case (I'm a teacher). They'd run out of the toner cartridge (fair enough) and they didn't have any recycled printer paper. They told me they only received 1-2 reams of recycled paper a week, yet they had at least 100 reams of the cheap, non-recycled and non- FSC certified stuff in stock. Surely WHSmiths as one of the leading stationers should be doing its bit to support the recycled paper products market by promoting recycled paper as much as the non-recycled? I filled in a customer feedback form saying as much. As for the pencil case, mission accomplished, but only after sifting through dozens of logo/Disney/princesses/angels ones first!

While I'm on the subject, several parents have complained to me about the removal of the children's play area in Lewisham shopping centre. It was one of the few (if not the only?) indoor play areas in Lewisham for parents' to take their kids to. I'd like to see a commitment from the centre management to include a play area in the redevelopment plans and I've written to them today asking whether they have plans to reinstate a play area somewhere in the centre. I'll keep you posted.

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David, Lewisham said...

Sue, in a similar light to your comments on recycled paper at WH Smiths (or the lack of it), I wonder why out of all the brands of toilet tissue sold in Tescos Lewisham (and there are shelves and shelves of them!) not a single one is made from recycled paper? Supermarkets boast about how they promote 'choice' yet here there is no choice at all. I have twice completed a comments form at Tescos Lewisham querying the issue but never received a reply. Fortunately the trusty Sheel Pharmacy comes to the rescue ...can I also mention an email I have received from John Lewis promoting their new range of garden furniture, with no mention made of whether the wood is from sustainable sources. Even in their online 'buying guide' for hardwood furniture, there is nothing on sustainability or looking for the forest stewardship symbol. It's disappointing because I had thought of them as one of the more 'ethical' of companies who might have taken a bit of a lead. Time for letter writing again, I guess...