Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Say NO to incineration

Quick bit of e-campaigning from the Friends of the Earth website, in response to the government's draft waste strategy which proposes a huge increase in incineration. Seems particularly appropriate for those of us living near the New Cross incinerator :(

Say NO to incineration
The multinational waste companies that build incinerators have been lobbying to build more. And now the Government has unveiled a draft waste strategy which promotes a huge increase in incineration as the answer to England's waste crisis.
Incineration is not a green solution for dealing with waste. Incinerators produce huge amounts of fossil fuel derived CO2 which will contribute to climate change. Recycling saves more energy than that created by burning waste. Make sure the Government hears your voice as well as that of the incineration companies.

Also, one million signatures needed for a European-wide petition against nuclear power:

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if you going to launch a camaign have a look at this is ideal for getting people on the