Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have your say about Ladywell at the ward assembly

The first Ladywell Assembly meeting is going to take place on Thursday, 26 June from 7-9pm at St Andrew’s Centre on the corner of Brockley Road and Wickham Road, SE4 2SA.

The Assembly is open to all who live, work or learn in Ladywell ward or have an interest in the area, and it is your chance to:

· Discuss and share what matters to you
· Work with councillors and others to shape the future of your neighbourhood
· Together raise issues of concern with the Mayor and other public bodies
· Find out what is happening in Ladywell
· Consider how the Locality Fund of £10,000 could be spent in Ladywell

The assembly is going to meet four times a year. The discussions at the first meeting are going to shape the first set of priorities to be addressed, and there will be updates on these and new projects at future meetings. At the end of the first meeting a co-ordinating group will be set up to move things forward between meetings, and there is dedicated officer support in the Council for the assembly. This is a new way of working with local people to influence and shape improvements in their area, and this is happening in all 18 wards in the borough.

Please get in touch with me ( if you would like to get more information or raise issues if you cannot attend the Assembly. Further information is also available on

We, the three ward councillors, look forward to seeing many of you at the meeting and to continuing to work with you on local issues.

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