Thursday, June 05, 2008

Be a Councillor!

London Councils has launched a new website, 'Be a councillor!' that aims to raise awareness of the role of local councillors, and encourage more people to consider standing in the next borough elections in May 2010. The website is part of a project that will also involve a London-wide poster campaign, newspaper advertising and locally, a stall at Lewisham People's Day.

I'm now halfway through my 4-year term as a councillor and can report that it is a steep learning curve, hardwork, challenging, often very frustrating but rewarding when you manage to get something sorted! If anyone would like to find out more about what being a councillor involves, or might be interested in standing as a Green Party candidate next time round, I'm more than happy to discuss the role further.

Read more about the campaign on London Councils’ website.


Unknown said...

Damn you, Sue! Just as I was thinking about how I need to be feeling like I'm still a productive member of society when all I'm doing these days is going to hospital every day for my hands!

Hmm. Maybe I could be convinced!

Matt Sellwood said...

Some of us want to be councillors and yet can't be. Most frustrating!

Yes, I am suffering withdrawal symptoms. Very very sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Howard
You'd be more than welcome to come along to our local party meeting on Monday evening and suss us out if you like (7.30pm, Brockley Social Club, Brockley Road).

scott redding said...

I'm going to urge our local council to team up with other West Midlands councils and have a similar website.