Friday, February 26, 2010

Lewisham Green Party campaign shop, 252 Brockley Road

One of the reasons I've not posted to this blog much recently is that my day job as constituency organiser for Lewisham Deptford has been getting much busier (and there's unlikely to be much let up before 6th May!).

However our campaign took a big step forward this week with the opening of our campaign shop at 252 Brockley Road.

It's open 10am - 7pm daily (volunteers permitting), and will be our base for the duration of the local and general election campaigns.

Do pop in if you'd like to say hello or to:
  • Find out a bit more about our policies and pick up a mini manifesto.
  • Browse our range of second-hand books for sale at £1 (from next Tuesday; donations of good quality books welcome)
  • Find out more about how you can support our campaign.
We also need volunteers to help us staff the shop. We are looking for people able to do a 3-hour shift (10-1pm, 1-4pm or 4-7pm) on any day of the week. Pop in or e-mail me if you can help.

For those who don't remember, this is the shop as it was before. After a busy day of moving tombstones (no, really!), sweeping and mopping, by the end of Monday our campaign shop was starting to take shape.

Crowley Memorials have moved to a larger site on Stanstead Road. Our lease on 252 Brockley Road is just until after the general election, and Home2U estate agents are looking for a longer-term tenant for after that. The shop needs a bit of work doing to it (we have strategically-placed spider plants to absorb some of the water leaking through the roof and it's flipping freezing due to lack of insulation), but it's in a prime location. There is also a huge cellar area that would be ideal for someone needing workshop space. It would be great to see a good A1 retail use on this site again once we've vacated it.

*For those wondering, yes, I did pick up that litter by the door, but didn't notice it until after I had taken the photo unfortunately!


Steve said...

That's fantastic.

It is to your credit that you didn't just photoshop out the litter.

Spose you wouldn't want another "DavidCameronAirbrushGate" on your hands.

Good work guys!

Anonymous said...
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