Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gordonbrock Decant and Rebuild

I realise I've been slightly out of the loop on the Gordonbrock decant and rebuild plans since the planning committee meeting. Just seen on the school website that there was a meeting for parents on 21st January about the decant and the presentation can be viewed here. The decant is scheduled to start on 10th April, after the Easter Hols and Ladywell Day Centre Sports Hall in Dressington Ave to be used as drop off collection point.

I've asked for a briefing from officers to update me - any specific queries/concerns about the decant that you want me to raise on your behalf?


Anonymous said...
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Geoffrey said...

I see from this week's Mercury that Lewisham Council's share of the Building Schools for the Future money pot is under threat, so the expansion of pupils at Gordonbrock may not go ahead. Does this mean that the demolition and rebuild will be halted?

Anonymous said...

Hi Geoffrey. No, apparently that was an 'editorial error' aka a bit of a cock up. Plans are still going ahead and were confirmed at Mayor & Cabinet last Wednesday. A letter has been sent out to parents at both Gordonbrock and Brockley Primary Schools clarifying the situation.

M said...

Yes, if I wrote what I really thought about these shocking plans for the decant, I think they would be removed by the administrator too.

How many £10,000s is this going to cost? No number of grey water recycling systems will be able to offset the pollution from this escapade.

As a parent I felt a sense of relief when I heard the money was pulled. Apparently that is what many felt first time round...and they weren't going to be subjected to portacabins on the wrong side of the south circular.

thompson said...

I'm really glad it's been put on hold as I'd like to see more of the school preserved. Also it didn't really seem to me that Lewisham council had proper plans in place re transport and accommodation at the Greenvale site.

I'm a little surprised that a letter was sent out to parents via school which seemed to suggest that the recent changes may result in losing funding altogether. This has caused a lot of worry and seemed to be put in as a tool to get parents to oppose the delay. It seems to have caused disagreements between parents and many people who have been very vocal about their concerns about the decant now seem to be even more vocal about wanting it.

It's unfortunately very short notice and extremely inconvenient but I'm so glad my child will finish the year in the same school, be able to attend after school clubs as always and if there is a rebuild that it will hopefully incorporate more of the very welcoming and well designed original school.

ee said...

Can someone tell me exactly what the legal challenge was and also where I can see a copy of it. Thank you.