Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Wave - Act fast and fair on CO2 cuts

There was a big turnout for 'The Wave', the climate change protest in central London today, including lots of people from Lewisham. The protests were called as part of the build up to the Copenhagen talks on climate change and designed to send a clear message to world leaders that we want a fair deal for all, and legally-binding targets for cuts in carbon emissions.

Pictured above are Charlotte Dingle and Jim Jepps, Green Party candidates for Ladywell and Crofton Park respectively.

I marched with my sister and nephew who travelled up from Suffolk for the day, with lots of others from Suffolk Wildlife Trust. It was my 6 year-old nephew's first protest, and he was most impressed with all the planes overhead in London as he sees more tractors than planes back home! Hmm, he was, however, wearing his 'Keep the planet cool' t-shirt a certain aunty bought him!
There was also a fair-sized contingent from Transition Brockley

There's a handy guide to the Copenhagen talks and what campaigners want from them on the Green Party's website.

Left: Charlotte, me and Ute in parliament square at the end of the march.

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