Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copenhagen - 1 day left to get the deal

Just got the latest e-mail update from Franny Armstrong and the Age of Stupid team. They are in Copenhagen and running a nightly TV show (The Stupid Show) for the duration of the talks. She sends pretty bleak news:

"With just one day to go here in Copenhagen, the deal is on target to commit us all to a 3.9 degree temperature rise, which would equate to something like:
- Africa uninhabitable
- Southern Europe a desert
- Australian agricultural system wiped out
- All coral reefs gone
- Most forests gone

The world leaders are now starting to arrive - 120 of them are expected, which would be their biggest-ever get-together - and have certainly got their work cut out if they're going to shift things to the extent that's needed to avoid disaster."

We need to commit to no more than a 2 degree temperature rise, and developing countries, including a number of small island nations most vulnerable to sea level rises, are calling for 1.5 degrees. It's primarily the developed countries that have created the CO2 and burned up the planet's resources, yet it will be the poorest countries that pay the highest price and suffer the harshest effects of climate change.

The widget above should provide updates on how the negotiations are progressing and the Green Party website is also being regularly updated with news. If you're aren't one of the 11m who has already signed Avaaz's petition to world leaders calling for a strong climate deal, then you can still do so here - I think they must have handed the first 11m or so in and started again, as it's now at 240,000.


weggis said...

Looks like its going to Extra time, followed by Fergie time and Penalties.

I just can't bear to watch! I'm going for a walk.

simon of bexhill said...

we should not be surprised by the outsome
usual political work over by imperialist powers