Sunday, May 24, 2009

Green TV (kind of)

I've been busy over the last few days delivering election leaflets, speaking to voters on the doorstep, plus a bit of gardening in the lovely weather, so haven't posted much on this blog. We've been getting a very encouraging response on the doorstep, with lots of people looking for alternatives to the big 3 parties in the wake of the expenses scandal.

In the absence of energy to write anything else today, I thought I'd just put a few links to some videos. First up are two from Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London about her work in the European Parliament and why she entered politics.

We've been showing well in opinion polls, at between 9-16% of the vote, depending on the poll, and a YouGov poll commissioned by the Green Party which showed 34% would consider voting Green which is encouraging. I'm told we need about 18% across London to get Ute, who is number two on our London list elected - something of a long shot and at the upper end of our expectations, but you never know, and a council by-election in the summer would certainly keep us on our toes! 10% would see Greens elected in many more regions across the UK.

Finally, this video from Greens in the North West region which explains quite nicely how the D'Hondt system used to count the votes for the European Elections works. Up in the North West the battle is on to get the progressive vote out and to stop the BNP leader Nick Griffin from becoming an MEP. The threat of them getting an MEP in London is somewhat less I think (I hope), but the explanation of how the votes are counted, and the importance of voting rather than staying at home is equally valid.

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