Saturday, May 16, 2009

Deadline to register to vote: 19th May!

This Tuesday, 19th May, is the deadline to register to vote in the European Elections on 4th June. Find out how to register and more about the elections on the About my vote website. Citizens from other EU countries living in the UK are entitled to vote here, rather than in their own country, but you need to fill in a form (again by 19th May) to enable you to do this.

Not sure who to vote for on 4th June?
The EU Profiler, the first European-wide application providing advice on this year's European Parliament Elections has been launched. The Profiler offers all European citizens the possibility to analyse in a few minutes which political parties are closest to their political preferences, based on answers to a number of questsion on policies. Out of all the political parties in Europe, mine came out closest to the Swedish Pirate Party (!), but fortunately, out of the UK ones, closest to the Green Party (albeit the more pro-European end of it). Interesting to note also that this profiler places the Labour Party slightly to the right of the Conservative Party!

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