Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top Twenty Green Blog?

According to this, Green Ladywell has been ranked the 6th best Green blog in the country. Sandwiched between George Monbiot (5th) and fellow Green Party member, Philbiblon (7th). Very honoured and all that, but I suspect that this list, which we didn't make it into, is probably the more rigorous of the two, with a lower tolerance threshold for long absences from the blogosphere, too many references to potholes, CPZs and a preponderence of Ladywell- specific issues rather than 'green' issues per se. However, it's very nice to be in the Total Politics list, and that's the one I'll be referring to henceforth! (Jim, you're off my Christmas card list!).


Jim Jay said...

You know why!

I now realise that their list is totally on public vote - mine is on quality :)

I think some people confused whether they were voting for the person or the blog - mine's about blogs. Which explains how lovely people with wilting blogs can make it into the top twenty.

I guess I'll just have to send that huuuuge Xmas present I've bought you back then...

ps I don't mean your blog is wilting - it just went through a bit of a dip.

weggis said...

Never mind blog!

Dr Burgess did uncover examples of good practice. New ways of assessing gender equality in planning schemes have been introduced by the London Borough of Lewisham.

Anything to do with you?

Anonymous said...

No, nothing to do with me; first I've heard of it when I read the article actually, but sounds positive.