Sunday, August 17, 2008

Come on Thames Water!

This is the pavement on the corner of Ladywell Road/Algernon Road. Someone spilled a tin of paint there last week and Council cleaners did their best to clean it up, but couldn't clean it all. What really makes that corner of the street look at eyesore however, is the roughly tarmaced over area that has been like that for months, since Thames Water carried out some repair works there last year. They are supposed to come back and restore the pavement to how it was before, but they/their contractors never have.

Every few weeks a highways inspector from the Council comes along and sprays blue paint on the tarmac (blue paint = Thames Water), then Thames Water is issued with a fine and a reminder. They must have clocked up a fair few hundred pounds in fines by now, but still haven't got the pavement sorted. So I thought I'd post this on the off-chance that someone from Thames Water comes across it and decides to sort it out. I've also asked Lewisham's highways team to chase them again. Lewisham is supposed to be getting some extra powers soon to deal with utilities companies whose road works overrun etc - hopefully that will help.

UPDATE 30th August: It's now been fixed - hurray! (though there's still a bit by the drycleaners that needs sorting).

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