Sunday, June 24, 2007

Streetcar behind Ladywell Leisure Centre

I've just found out that there is now a Streetcar in the car park behind Ladywell Leisure Centre. I think that brings to 10 the number of Streetcars in Lewisham now, and there should be more coming soon hopefully, if the council goes ahead and introduces some on-street spaces for Streetcar. This is great news, because research shows that for every car club car on a street, an average of 6 cars are taken off the road (people decide they don't need to have their own car). Given the parking problems in a few streets in Ladywell, that could only be a good thing. Streetcar on Marsala/Malyons/Chudleigh/Gillian Street anyone?

If you have an allocated parking space that you don't use, you could get free membership of Streetcar in return for letting them use your parking space (not many allocated spaces in Ladywell that I can think of though, besides Keswick Court).


kate said...

That has been there for quite a while now. my husband looked at using it (the website was hard to find) and you have to put down a large deposit before using it and then thay charge you by every 20/30 minutes yopu have the car...i think as i say it was a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
Yes, I think it's been there since around January, but I only found out about it last week when I read a parking report which mentioned that there was a car club in Ladywell and I asked where it was.
Best wishes


leenewham said...

Streetcar works well, I use them for things where I need a car for a few hours. They are expensive for longer trips though, although still cheaper than train. For 2 people to go to Devon (booked over 7 days in Advance) for a weekend trip the train fare, open return was £535!!!! I'd much rather travel by train, but until someone sorts out the train fare system a lot of us have to rely on cars. It's a real shame

Anonymous said...

Glad you like Streetcar Lee. Agree that train fares are too expensive, particularly for those who don't always manage to plan all their travel plans out in minute details months in advance to take advantage of the cheaper fares. Doesn't encourage you to be both green and spontaneous, unless money is no object. Maybe we should make car users order petrol 6 weeks in advance of when then plan to travel or charge them 6 times the price if they just turn up at the garage on the day? (not a serious suggestion, btw).