Sunday, June 24, 2007

June report

I'm aware that I haven't posted a great deal lately - basically because I've been very busy. June seems to have passed in a whirl of meetings and I also had a week's holiday in the Highlands (Inverness and Rockness Festival - the only festival with its own monster - v good).

Anyway, I thought I'd post a summary of some of the things I've been upto in the last few weeks, adapted from the monthly report I give to the local Green Party. I will hopefully post some more detail on some of these soon.

Recent Meetings:
Sustainable Development Committee – drew up work plan for the year. Main scrutiny will be on ways of promoting alternatives to car use, other on empty and under-used properties. In addition to these 2 pieces of work, we will be looking at the LDF (local development framework). At last Thursday's meeting we scrutinised the draft parking strategy and the air quality action plan. These can be viewed on the council's website if you are interested.
Housing sub-committee – went on a visit to Canning Town to see the work carried out under the PFI project (the same companies that will be running the Brockley PFI). Still can’t scrutinise Lewisham Homes business plan as they have yet to submit it! Not v productive committee so far! Brockley PFI was finally signed 04/06/07 and improvement works should start in 3 months.
Planning Committee C – v light agenda this month.
Lewisham Parochial Charities – attended a garden party to celebrate the new residents’ garden at Lloyd Court which was officially opened by the Bishop of Woolwich. Named after Rev David Garlick who is retiring soon. It was good to finally meet some of the residents there!
Mayor's Commission on empowering communities and neighbourhoods – we submitted our proposals to change from area forums to ward assemblies, and pending approval by the council and supportive public consultation, this will hopefully kick off in the Autumn.
Pensions Committee – had presentations from the various fund managers. Got quite excited when one of the private equity funds listed was called the 'Green Fund, but it turned out it was just set up by a Mr Green! Oh well, you live in hope. Council Pension Fund members will be surveyed on their views on socially responsible investment issues in the Autumn, at my suggestion.
Ladywell SNT Panel – Sgt Dave Deuchar has unfortunately moved on to another role within the Met, but we have a new Sergeant, Jim Clarke, starting tomorrow. Good luck to David in his new role and welcome to Jim.
Met with Sarah Pfeiffer, Brockley Town Centre manager – discussed various Brockley and Ladywell shops issues; v constructive.
Pepys Community Recycling Open Day – went to see how they compost food waste from the Pepys Estate (very inspiring project).
Have been working on the Green group's LDF (Local Development Framework) submission with Dean and Mike.
Recycling provision for closing night of Brockley Max, illegal use of garages on Braxfield/Howson by skip hire company, housing repairs, parking, plus other stuff that I can't really mention here.
Questions to Mayor & Cabinet
I asked questions about what controls are in place to monitor the levels of particles smaller than 2.5 microns (known as PM2.5s) emitted by the SELCHP incinerator (the answer was none as yet), the statementing of young children with special needs, and the council policy on residents being rehoused after eviction from temporary accommodation.

Arguably not my most exciting post, but there you go . . .

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