Monday, April 16, 2007

New Gates for Hilly Fields

The new gates for the entrance to Hilly Fields from Eastern Road have now gone up, and I think they look great. Well done to Hilly Fields Users Group, students from Prendergast and Heather Burrell, the local artist who made the gates (she also designed the gates at the Creekside Centre, among other things). I believe Gordonbrock pupils are also going to be involved in some way, with bulb planting if I remember correctly.

Unfortunately the pot-holed surface of Eastern Road and the path up to Hilly Fields doesn't enhance the entrance much - I've contacted highways to see if we can at least get the pot-holes filled in - the whole road needs resurfacing really, but as it's not a key road for public transport it probably won't be high on the priority list.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for that, I'll have to go and see them soon!