Monday, March 29, 2010

Future Community Garden?

This little patch of ground, between Huxbear Street and Elsiemaud Road, has long been a bit of an overgrown spot, that has tended to attract fly-tipping. It probably did also provide a useful bit of habitat for a bit of wildlife, but it has now been cleared under the Community Payback scheme. It seems like an ideal spot for a few trees and a mini community garden.

After speaking to a number of residents on Huxbear Street and Elsiemaud Road, there seems to be support for something along these lines, along with some kind of path to maintain the short cut between the two streets. I've had a chat with an officer from the Council's Greenscene today, who is going to check who the land belongs to, but he was potentially up for offering support for a community garden there.

Any thoughts or offers to get involved? Leave a note in the comments box or e-mail me if you prefer.

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Lili said...

I'd like to help out if you are building a community garden here