Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Algernon Road does it again!

Well done to the residents of the Loampit Vale end of Algernon Road, who have been crowned the 2008 Lewisham Recycling Champions. They achieved a recycling participation rate of 84%. The scheme itself was a great success with an average increase in recycling through the kerbside collection scheme in nominated streets of 9%.

This is the second time Algernon Road has won the recycling champions award - the Ladywell end of Algernon Road won the first ever recycling champions award in 2006. In 2007 it went to Champion Street in Sydenham, but in 2008, I think a bit of friendly neighbourly rivalry may have kicked in with the 'other' end of Algernon Road determined they could go one better than their neighbours! Well done to all concerned.


weggis said...

I’m afraid I would be a rather bad Algernon Road resident. Not because I don’t recycle everything I can, but because the baseline is somewhat diminished by my efforts to REDUCE the amount I NEED to recycle.

Anonymous said...

but it's based on participation rates, not volume of waste produced. Or are you zero waste these days?

weggis said...

No such thing as Zero waste. There’s what goes down the toilet and the plug hole for a start.

But the volume of what I recycle has gone down quite a lot while the dreaded black bag remains at about one third full per week. Which means I waste two bags every three weeks.