Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sue's Shameless Schadenfreude

Just heard a funny story. A man gets off the train at Brockley Station on polling day, to be greeted by a Socialist Party activist with a leaflet urging him not to vote Green because 'they supported privatising council housing in Brighton'. At this point Green Party councillor for Queen's Park ward in Brighton, Ben Duncan, introduced himself and put the activist straight on a few facts. Said activist, duly humbled, promised not to spread such nonsense around again, while Ben set off to help us with our polling day operation in Brockley. See Ben's blog for further details.

This is the same Socialist Party who delivered a leaflet around Telegraph Hill and New Cross before the election claiming that Greens supported cuts to services in Lewisham Hospital. Utter nonsense. Sorry Chris, but you thoroughly deserved the 1.06% you got in the elections for spreading such misleading drivel. Shame on you.


Chris Hyland said...

Ha thats brilliant. Makes you wonder how much this sort of stuff goes on though.

scott redding said...

Tee hee.