Tuesday, August 28, 2007

£10,000 for Ladywell ward - how should it be spent?

Once again, every ward in Lewisham – including Ladywell – has been allocated £10,000 to spend on community projects that benefit the local neighbourhood, make a visible difference and have a long-lasting, positive effect. We want to hear suggestions from as many residents and local groups as possible. So please contact us using the details below to tell us your ideas.
The £10,000 can pay for one project or several smaller ones. Examples of possible projects might be:
  • Hanging baskets / street planters / street trees
  • Youth project
  • Park benches
  • A community art project
  • A local event (eg a football tournament or an outing)
  • Equipment for community use / solar panel for a local school
Last year’s Fund paid for street planters along Loampit Hill and on Algernon Road, playground equipment at Gordonbrock Primary School, a pool table for groups at Crofton Park Baptist Church, a contribution to Brockley Max Festival, bird/bat boxes for Hilly Fields and for this year’s Christmas tree and additional Christmas lights in Ladywell village.
If you have an idea for an activity or project you would like to receive funding for, please answer the questions below and send them in writing, by email or by phone to Cllr Ute Michel by Monday, 1 October 2007.
We plan to present and discuss the proposals at a public ward meeting on Thursday,
25 October 2007, 7.30-9.30pm at St Andrew’s Centre at the corner of Brockley Rd/Wickham Rd before a decision is made.
Suggestions Form:
  1. Please describe the activity or project you would like the £10,000 or part of this amount to be spent on:
  2. How do you think this would benefit the local community?
  3. Where would this project or activity take place? When would this project or activity take place?
  4. If you know how much money this would cost, please tell us here:
  5. And now please tell us any other information about why your idea should be funded:
  6. Please provide us with your contact details: NAME ADDRESS EMAIL TELEPHONE
Send your suggestions back to us either by email to cllr_ute.michel@lewisham.gov.uk, by phone: call Councillor Ute Michel on 020 8691 5212 or by posting it to:
Ladywell ward councillors
c/o Councillor Ute Michel
Lewisham Town Hall
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Howard James Hardiman said...

Damn, I wish I'd have known about this for Project Brockzilla. Hmm, I may have to think of something else, soon!